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Quality Assurance
“Crafting Excellence,
Stitch by Stitch.”
At A & A Infinito Apparel Inc., our foremost commitment is to uphold the highest standards in product quality and management practices. We implement meticulously planned and systematic activities within a robust quality framework to fulfill the exacting standards of garment quality. 
Our commitment extends across every facet, encompassing the quality management of raw materials, fabric, color composition, product components, and production and management services. Our high-performing quality assurance teams, well-versed in carefully designed quality systems, oversee all production phases. 
Our role goes beyond mere inspection, following a comprehensive three-tier assessment model from order inception to ex-factory delivery. This multi-layered system comprises Initial, Mid-line, and Final Inspections aligned with agreed Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL). Our rigorous Quality Assurance journey commences from sample development, fortified by collaborations with BVCPS and SGS for thorough testing. We consistently meet and exceed buyer expectations by establishing stringent standards, conducting risk analyses, and fostering a culture of uncompromising quality. Moreover, we readily facilitate third-party quality inspections when clients necessitate, in alignment with stipulated AQL levels.

Quality Assurance process

Quality Control Mechanism

We implemented a robust quality control mechanism that precisely monitors every step of the production process. From fabric selection to stitching, detailing, and final packaging, we ensure that each garment meets our high standards of quality and craftsmanship.


Fabric lab testing plays an essential role in maintaining the quality and durability of our garments. We have specialized testing facilities that utilize advanced techniques to assess fabric aspects like strength, colorfastness, shrinkage, and more. These tests are essential for determining how well the fabric can endure regular wear and tear, ensuring longevity and Client contentment. 


Risks are reduced by inspecting accessories, performing Color Matching checks, Fabric Inspection, Lab dip testing, Daily Cutting checking, Wash testing, Knitting and flannel Inspection, and Measurement Spec checking.


First, finished products are checked against the buyer’s specifications and a prototype sample. Deviations are identified and corrected. To reinforce our dedication to meeting customer expectations, At the end of the production, we conduct a third-party inspection by SGS, adding an extra layer of assurance for product quality and compliance.


During the production process, inspections are conducted to confirm the resolution of any initial discrepancies and to guarantee that subsequent production runs meet the highest quality standards. Our diligent team oversight to maintain consistent quality aligns with our commitment to delivering excellence in every product we manufacture.


Our thorough inspection process in the final production stage aligns with buyers’ specified criteria, covering various aspects such as design/ style, shrinkage, accessories, appearance, marking, colors, labeling, material, assortments, measurements, and packing. We prioritize every detail, ensuring strict adherence to high-quality standards.