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A & A Infinito Apparel Inc, a Toronto-based venture established in 2021, represents the progressive expansion of Infinito Apparel, a visionary endeavor initiated by Anamica Mithila, with a commitment to promoting green fashion and sustainability, the company’s objective is to enhance industry performance to new heights. Having been active in the apparel business since 2011, Infinito Apparel boasts a legacy of servicing over 100 private brands in Canada, Australia, Russia, El Salvador, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.
With a strategic focus on transforming activewear and creating Solid T-shirts, as well as Classic Linen wear catering to Men’s, Women’s, and kids’ segments, setting itself apart, the company thrives on catering to small quantity orders, revealing a unique competitive edge. A & A Infinito Apparel partnered with two production units in El Salvador and Bangladesh, and the company operates with the dedication of over 700 Salvadoran families and 1000 Bangladeshi team members. This collaborative synergy is instrumental in upholding effort, ensuring standards of product excellence, and just-in-time shipping
Beyond producing exceptional apparel, Infinito embraces a holistic mission to contribute to shaping communities by emphasizing the human aspect behind each clothing piece, breathing life into the fashion industry with a heartfelt human touch. The company ensures that every garment reflects the heart and soul of a community committed to making a lasting impact.

Our Team

“We are driven by a passion for fashion, a spirit of collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of elevating the clothing sourcing experience to new heights.”

Anamica Mithila


H D Chaminda

Strategic partner

Samura Hasib

Textile Engineer

Sarah H.


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It is additionally connected with the production of clothes. The crude material of textiles is the fiber which might be regularly regenerated.

  • Let us collaborate to unleash your brand’s potential, showcasing your narrative through clothing that tells a story and sparks connections.
  • Our end-to-end solutions encompass design, production, and distribution, providing a hassle-free experience for bringing your brand’s clothing line to life.
  • Partnering with us means co-creating fashion that aligns perfectly with your brand’s identity and values.
  • Our dedication spans the entire creation process, channeling imagination into distinct lines that enchant your audience and establish your brand as extraordinary.

Our Global Branches

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