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Cutting to finishing
“From Fabric to Fashion, our
craftsmanship weaves dreams into reality.”
Cutting fabric

Pattern Preparation

Prepare the pattern templates based on the design specifications. These templates guide the cutting and stitching process.

Piece Sorting

Organize the cut fabric pieces based on their sizes, shapes, and designated sections of the garment.

Fabric Cutting

Cut the fabric pieces according to the pattern templates, ensuring precision and accuracy in alignment.

Machine Setup

Set up the sewing machines with the appropriate thread colors, needle sizes, and stitch types per the garment’s requirements.
Stitch fabric

Stitching Main Seams

Start stitching the main seams of the garment, such as the side seams, shoulder seams, and center seams.

Darts and Pleats

Incorporate darts, pleats, or gathers as needed to create shape and structure in the garment.

Attaching Components

Attach pockets, zippers, buttons, and other components to their designated positions on the garment.

Collars and Cuffs

If applicable, attach collars, cuffs, and other details that require precise stitching.

Sleeve Attachment

Attach sleeves to the main body of the garment, ensuring proper alignment and symmetry.

Finishing Edges

Finish the raw edges of the fabric using techniques like serging, binding, or hemming to prevent fraying.

Fitting and Adjustment

Conduct fitting sessions to ensure the garment fits correctly. Make any necessary adjustments to achieve the desired fit.

Pressing and Ironing

Steam and press the garment to give it a polished and professional appearance while setting the seams.

Quality Inspection

Inspect each garment for stitching quality, symmetry, alignment, and defects.

Final Pressing

Give the completed garment a final press to ensure it looks impeccable and ready for distribution.

Quality Control

Third-party Quality Control (SGS).